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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  August 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i think she still inspired others to live active lives. congratulations to her. >> absolutely. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. march market meltdown. this morning we're watching how stocks respond to another disastrous day on wall street. just major losses reported today. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm pat lawson muse. joe krebs is off today. welcome on this tuesday, the 9th of august. >> we're taking a live outside at 5:00 a.m. it is 74 degrees. it does feel less humid, tom. am i imagining that? >> no. it actually is. it is nice and quiet now. it may be getting loud later with some thunder and lightning perhaps beginning as early as noontime and maybe into the afternoon. so have an umbrella handy if you
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head off to work this morning. around the region, we have a dry sky. it's mostly clear from the blue ridge east. blue ridge west quite a bit of cloudiness now. temperatures there in the mountains in the 60s. closer to washington, we're in the low 70s in arlington, fairfax, southern montgomery, and much of prince george's county. howard and frederick county in maryland in the 60s now. southern maryland around the bay. temperatures there in the low to mid-70s. eastern shore, a few locations have dipped into the upper 60s. and the clouds over the shenandoah valley and points west are from some storms that are farther to the west there. out in western west virginia now, just now coming into western maryland, a cluster of showers with thunder and lightning. that's ahead of the front that's going to be sweeping through our region later today. our sunrise 6:16. a little sunshine this morning but then clouding up by noontime with some of the thunderstorms beginning to move on through. that will cool things down during the afternoon. we might get up to around 90 or
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so early afternoon. any of the storms will quickly cool things down. we could have storms all the way into early this evening. a look at your evening planner coming up in about ten minutes at 5:11. now, danella, good morning. how's the tuesday traffic? >> good morning. let's start out in arlington. we have a couple of road closures. this is due to yesterday's mishap at a construction site on clarendon boulevard. we have clarendon boulevard eastbound lanes as well as 16th road northbound lanes closed between north pierce street and north oak street. be aware of that as you're making your commute this morning. a live look also in virginia, 95 north at prince william parkway. 95 north and south, you are clear, and you're making good time as you make your commute this morning. same thing with i-66, both inside and outside of the beltway in both directions. i see nothing slowing you down as well. as we shoot up to maryland. this is 270 and west montgomery avenue. 270 in both directions, you're clear as you're heading down to urbanna all the way down to the spur and onto the beltway. no incidents to report for you.
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back to you, pat and eun. >> thanks, danella. right now european stocks are falling, and they're falling fast. the ftse is down almost 4%. that's almost double in just the past half hour. in germany, the dax is also down more than 5%. japan's nikkei ended down 2%. at one point it was down twice that much. and hong kong's hang seng lost more than 5%. right now u.s. futures are pointing to a higher opening with dow futures up 300 points, or 2.9%. here's a closer look at what happened to the dow yesterday. after opening at just 11,400, stocks immediately headed downwardmedow downwa downward. the president tried to reassure investors at 2:00 yesterday afternoon, but stocks took another sizable trip downward. the dow lost 634 points to finish the day at 10,809. it was the sharpest drop in the
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dow since 2008. >> there's concern the s&p downgrade may do something to consumer confidence and thereby ease us a little closer to the infamous double dip that everybody's worried about. >> over the past month, the dow has lost 1,800 points, or 14% of its value. the nasdaq has dropped more than 500 points in the same period, and the s&p 500 has lost 225 points. we'll continue to follow the latest in the stock markets all morning. look for the latest right here on news 4 and on our website, the volatility pushing gold prices climbed to a record high. in the face of falling stock prices, gold is considered a safe investment. for the first time, the price of gold topped $1,700 an ounce. the price of the precious metal has nearly doubled since the start of 2009. experts say the price could jump to $2,000 in the next few weeks. there is a bright spot for consumers. crude oil prices dropped to its lowest level in more than eight months, and that will send gas
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prices down. according to aaa the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.66. it's going to cost a little more to buy gas in our area. in d.c., gas is going for $3.90. maryland, $3.67. virginia, $3.57. west virginia, $3.68. president obama will head to fairfax, virginia, to anoups new fuel economy standards for trucks and buses. the new fuel standards will save businesses tens of billions of dollars in fuel costs and reduce oil consumption and cut pollution. the new standards will be for 2014 through 2018 model year for medium and heavy duty vehicles. during these troubling economic times, many people are struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments, but there is help available. if you've been laid off and you're in danger of losing your home, you may qualify for emergency mortgage assistance in m. maryland. it provides up to $50,000 or two years of payments for people in
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danger of foreclosure. dozens turned out in montgomery county last night to get more information about this. lisa barnes says the program will help save her house after she lost her six-figure job last year. >> you know, it's happening to all of us. it happened to me. it can happen to anybody. >> now the emergency loan will have to be eventually paid back after five years, but no interest will be accrued. the program is available through federal funds. today the first wave of more than 6,000 defense workers will make its way to a new home at the mark center in alexandria. it's a move that's giving state and local officials as well as commuters nightmares about potential gridlock on i-395 and seminary road. about 2,300 workers will move in by mid-september and 6,400 by early next year. virginia's department has started a new task force to keep
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an eye on commuters, watch traffic and suggest improvements to area traffic patterns and public transit service. many commuters are preparing themselves for major headaches. >> drive part of the way, stop, get on my bicycle and come the rest of the way into the complex. >> i'm going to watch it. i think it will be a gradual increase in traffic. i'll try different ways to come in and just deal with it as it happens. >> metro and alexandria's dash buses have already started running express routes from the pentagon and king street metro to the mark center. verizon is making strong accusations against some striking employees. hundreds of verizon workers joined a picket line in silver spring yesterday. they are at odds with the company over health insurance and pension plans. striking employees work for the company's landline division. six protesters in baltimore county were arrested for trying to keep nonunion workers from crossing the picket lines there. verizon also reported some of its fiber optic cables were deliberately slashed in bel air
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and in other locations. it is now 5:07. 74 degrees. ahead, the very unusual solution to a common problem. what you should be listening to if you are having a hard time falling asleep.
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the tornado that hit on may 22nd. the video shows the storm that was rated e-5. that's the highest damage for the tornado. several schools were damaged. with school started next week, students will attend classes in a mall. the joplin school system releases this video as part of a
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fund-raiser to help rebuild. amazing video. shows the incredible power of that tornado and the damage it did. they're still rebuilding after all that time >> going to be rebuilding for a long time. >> exactly. >> meanwhile, here at home the weather is calmer and going to be a little more delightful today. tom? starting out this morning, peaceful and quiet around the region. we have pleasant temperatures. right now it is in the upper 70s in washington. low 70s in prince george's county. montgomery county, many locations upper 60s there. it's in the mid-70s in arlington and much of fairfax county near 70. now over the last 12 hours a cluster of showers and storms coming out of the ohio valley now coming into west virginia. just about to come into western maryland, a little bit of thunder and lightning there. that's ahead of a front arriving later today. sunrise 6:16. by 9:00 near 80 and partly sunny. clouding up after that. could have storms around as early as noontime. off and on during the afternoon and any of the downpours will certainly cool it down into the 70s briefly.
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this evening, here's your evening planner. low 80s early evening. any storms dissipating by then. partly cloudy after that. in the 70s until around midnight and cooler by this time tomorrow morning. fresh changes on the way the rest of the week and into the weekend. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. we're looking good. a lot of areas in green. that means go. a live look at randolph road and kemp mill road in maryland. i'm checking the roads for you. in prince george's county as well as montgomery county, we're in the clear. d.c., georgia avenue and eastern avenue. d.c., roadways look good for you as well. if you're getting ready to head out of the house, it is all peaceful for you. a look at the rails. so far, everything is looking really good right now. metro, marc, vre all running on or close to schedule. back to you, pat and eun. >> thanks, danella. 5:13. 74 degrees. coming up, turning the page at the capitol. the end of a nearly 200-year-old
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we are following a developing story in london. police are struggling to stop the violent rioting, now in its third night. the violence has now spread from london to three other major british cities. the violence began in response to a deadly police shooting. now police say there no longer seems to be a unified reason behind the violence. prime minister david cameron cut his italian vacation short to rush back home to deal with the crisis. many british officials are asking for the fwoft to bring in the military to keep the peace at night. d.c. police chief cathy lanier is considering an appeal to keep her all hands on deck program in operation. she's considering further action with the attorney general's office. all hands on deck puts 400 officers on patrol four weekends
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a year to help deter crime. a ruling recently called to end the operation, stating it violates overtime rules by requiring officers to work weekends. it could mean officers are entitled to tens of millions of dollars in retroactive overtime pay. in the day ahead, the remains of the 30 american troops killed in afghanistan will return here to the u.s. the servicemen were s.e.a.l.s on their way to help a group of army rangers under fire on the ground when their chopper crashed. the fallen soldiers will arrive at dover air force base. there is a way you can help the families of the fallen soldiers. you can text "seal" to 90999 to donate $10 to the navy s.e.a.l. foundation. you can also find a link to the foundation on our website,, by searching the word "seals." new from overnight, police are on the scene of a deadly stabbing in northeast washington.
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it happened around 12:30 this morning near the corner of 56th and eades street. rescue workers took one person to the hospital, where that victim died. this morning police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in prince george's county. they found a man with a gunshot wound last night in the 4700 block of leroy gorham drive in capitol heights. it's not clear what led to the shooting, and police have not made any arrests. 5:19 now. the decades old mystery surrounding infamous hijacker d.b. cooper will live on a little longer. a dna test has failed to link a new suspect in the case with a neck tie left on the plane cooper hijacked in 1971. marla cooper recently came forward saying she believed her uncle was the man the fbi had been looking for for 30 years. cooper's story became part of crime lore after he hijacked a plane, demanded ransom money, and jumped from the airliner over oregon. cooper's body has never been found, but several people have
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claimed to be relatives of the criminal. the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss kahn of sexual assault has now sued the former imf chief for what she calls a violent and sadistic attack. her lawyers wrote in the lawsuit that the maid was humiliated and robbed of her dignity by the attack. a local defense lawyer says the civil suit puts the maid's credibility at risk. strauss kahn was charged with attempted rape and forced to step down as chief of the imf after the allegations surfaced. the captain accused of producing raunchy videos will plead with the board to keep him in the navy. >> the board is trying to determine if captain owen honors engaged in misconduct or substandard performance as executive officer on board the "enterprise" when he helped produce and appeared in a series of video on the ship's tv
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station. it included anti-gay slurs and vulgar language. he was relieved of command in january after navy leaders learned of the videos. honors said the videos were intended to boost morale. a capitol hill program that has been in existence for almost 200 years is the latest victim of budget cuts and advance ins technology. the house has announced they are cutting the page program. pages, often high school students who spent a semester on the hill, used to be essential to communication between lawmakers as they deliver documents and packages to offices across the capitol. but house leaders say this program costs $5 million a year, and with e-mail and the internet these days, it simply isn't necessary anymore. the senate page program will remain, though, in place for now. >> thank you, pat. it's over. that was the tweet overnight from a woman who tried to swim 103 miles from cuba to florida. that swim would have taken diana
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nyad 60 hours to complete. she stopped 29 miles into her journey. the 62-year-old made national headlines when she announced she would make the swim without a shark cage. it was an effort to inspire everyone to lead active lives. the mileage would have broken her own record set in 1979 when she swam from the bahamas to florida, which was 102.5 miles. >> kudos to her, though. >> that's right. what an effort. and she still swam 29 miles without a shark cage. >> that inspires me. >> it inspires me too, pat. >> what about you, tom? does it inspire snu >> i would like the shark cage, please. >> agreed. >> i'm with you, tom. >> good morning. there is wraashington's skyline on this tuesday morning, off to a pleasant start. right now 74 in upper northwest washington at nbc 4. right there on the potomac river, the weather is warmer at reagan national at 79.
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generally in the suburbs, we're in the low 70s in prince george's, arlington county. much of fairfax county near 70. just near 70 throughout most of the region now. and all around the region we will have increasing clouds this morning coming in from the west. could get some storms around as early as noontime. a greater chance will be during the afternoon and perhaps even into the early evening hours, passing storms likely. when they do come through, we'll quickly cool down as they reach low 90s early in the afternoon. tomorrow lower humidity moving in, high near 90. a slight chance of an afternoon storm thursday and friday. beautiful, cooler, low humidity. 60s in the morning. afternoon highs, mid-80s. as we get into the weekend, saturday and sunday getting more humid. maybe storms around on sunday. monday drying up. highs mid-80s. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. i have report of an accident on the beltway. this time the inner loop right at branch avenue. just be careful of this as you're making your commute this morning. a live look as you're crossing
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over the american legion bridge. you can see we do have a little volume. you're still traveling at a good speed. that's a good thing. i can tell you i don't see any accidents in the roadway. if you're crossing the key bridge, you might be the lone car driving slowly across the bridge. i can tell you it's clear in both directions. as we head over to the 14th street bridge, cones are up, and it's a smooth commute. back in ten minutes with another update. back to you, pat and eun. >> thanks, danella. with just three days to go until their first preseason game, washington's first round draft pick is finally on the field. ryan kerrigan was able to participate in a full practice yesterday for the first time since injuring his knee on the first day of camp. kerrigan is slated to stop opposite brian orakpo at the linebacker position, and just like orakpo, he'll need a little time to adjust to the position after playing a lineman in college. kerrigan says he's up to the challenge. >> it felt good today. i hope it continues to progress
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because it felt good today and enjoy being out there with my teammates. you talk about coming out of a two-point stance versus a three-point stance, i'm still working at that so i can be explosive off the line of scrimmage. so it's just something that's going to take a little bit of time, but i'm making strides. >> washington will play its first preseason game friday against pittsburgh. you can watch the game on nbc 4 starting at 7:30. and quarterback rex grossman is seeing more opportunities to prove himself thanks to john beck's groin injury. beck sat out team drills, and his status for friday's preseason game is uncertain. in the meantime, grossman has stepped in to take more steps. coach mike shanahan says he will decide how to divide playing time for friday's game by tomorrow. a big night for two local groups as they perform live on "america's got talent" tonight. >> so exciting.
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they're competing for a chance to win $1 million. take a look at this. >> wow. >> incredible. that's the west springfield dance team from virginia. it's one of 12 acts appearing on tonight's show. the variety group gymkata from college park is also appearing. they were among 20 groups selected from thousands on youtube. only four groups will move on to the semifinals later this month. you can watch "america's got talent" on nbc 4 tonight at 9:00. >> we're crossing our fingers. >> they're incredible, aren't they? the precision. >> we wish them all the best. that's the west springfield dance team and college park's own gymkata. if the sleep machine didn't help you get to sleep last night, try listening to monkeys. >> it works for thousands of
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people apparently across the poppe pond. a new survey in the uk says chirping birds and rainforests only helped a few people. hardly anyone relied on counting sheep. instead, they said sounds generally considered irritating like passing traffic, ticking clocks, and monkeys actually do the trick to help people fall asleep. i just don't believe this. when i hear a ticking clock, i want to smash it against the wall. >> i guess to each his own. >> right. do you have a noise maker or anything to get to sleep? >> i like the sound of running water. >> ocean waves. >> bubbling brooks and sea gulls. >> me too. more peaceful. monkeys? oh, boy. 5:27. 74 degrees. ♪
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you'll feel right at home. ♪ la la-la-la-la la la la ♪
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global slide. this morning world markets are taking a beating in response to
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the major meltdown on wall street. and moving day at the mark center. the long anticipated transfer begins today. what's being done to make sure traffic runs smoothly. good morning to you. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm pat lawson muse. joe krebs is off this morning. welcome to "news 4 today" on this tuesday, august 9th. here's a look at washington and the twinkling lights before sunrise. going to be a nicer day today, tom. but later we're probably going to have storms around. be aware of that, have the umbrella handy. especially late afternoon we could have storms. pat, good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you for your sacrifice of only having six minutes of sleep. >> she had eight minutes. >> she is a trooper. we love pat so much. this morning around our region we've got settled weather now, but it's a mostly clear sky. shenandoah mountains, temperatures just near 70. low to mid-70s in washington,
5:32 am
near the bay, and around the nearby suburbs. clouds coming in in advance of showers and storms. those areas of color are some showers and thunderstorms now just coming into western maryland and western west virginia. they may be arriving here around noontime and off and on during the afternoon. before then, though, we may briefly early afternoon get into the low 90s. much of the day we'll be in the 80s and even 70s when the rain's coming down hard later this afternoon and early this evening. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. i have a couple of incidents to show you. on 95 north report of an accident in your left shoulder lane at powder mill road. not slowing you down too much. you're still driving in the green, making good time. and a road closure in arlington, eastbound clarendon boulevard as well as 16th road north both closed between north pierce street and north oak street. there's debris in the road from the collapse of a construction site. and a look at 270 and falls
5:33 am
road. picking up some steam and some volume, but no delays for you or incidents to report. back to you, pat and eun. >> thank you, danella. 5:32 now. right now all eyes are on the european stock market, and it's not looking too good. investors are react to go an unprecedented downgrade of the u.s. government's credit rating and lingering concerns about europe debt problems. right now the ftse is down 4%. in germany the dax is down more than 5%. japan's nikkei ended 2% down. at one point it was down 4%. hong kong's hang seng lost more than 5%. the federal reserve will meet in washington today to decide what it can do, if anything, to stabilize the economy. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at what you need to know. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fed's got some options here. these are options that could affect your retirement account, the loans that you have, your mortgage, perhaps even jobs in the long term. a couple of things they can decide to do when they meet
5:34 am
today. they could reaffirm the low interest rates we've had for three years. that could inspire confidence in the market and certainly in people going out there to borrow money. they could also initiate a third round of buying treasury bonds. we saw those bonds being purchased yesterday despite that nasty 634 point slide in the dow yesterday. we still saw a strong market for that. if the fed decided to purchase more of those bonds, that would again inspire confidence in the market, something president obama tried to do yesterday, saying, no matter what some agency may say, we've been and always will be a aaa country, and that's what two other ratings agencies are saying as well. what's going on in the markets, they've rallied, and now they're starting to tank. what we're seeing today all causing worry. s&p, though, saying they're not taking the blame here. markets may come and go. their job is to look at this
5:35 am
objectively. eun? >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. the market meltdown is causing panic among investors, of course, and leading to an influx of phone calls. brokers reported a huge increase in call volume during yesterday's slide. the investment group vanguard says the number of phone calls received yesterday was 40% higher than on an average day. and each rate reported a record number of mobile trades. we will continue to follow the latest in the stock markets all morning. look for the latest right here on news 4 and on our website, gold prices climbed to a record high in the face of falling stock prices. gold is considered a safe investment. for the first time, the price of gold topped $1,700 an ounce. the price of the appreciate metal has nearly doubled since the start of 2009. experts say the price could jump to $2,000 in the next few weeks.
5:36 am
gas prices are going down now that crude oil prices dropped to its lowest level in eight months. gas prices went down at least a penny overnight. the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.55. it's going to cost you a little more to buy gas in our area. in d.c., gas is going for $3.88. in maryland, $3.66. in virginia, $3.56. in west virginia, $3.67. today president obama heads to fairfax county to springfield to announce new fuel efficiency standards for work trucks and buses. the white house says the new standards will save businesses tens of billions of dollars in fuel costs. they'll also reduce oil consumption and cut pollution. the new standards will not apply, though, until the year 2014. now to decision 2012, republican presidential hopeful michelle bachmann graces the cover of "newsweek" but the picture is raising eyebrows. the minnesota congresswoman has a surprised look on her face with the words "queen of rage." the editor in chief released a
5:37 am
statement saying, "bachmann's intensity is galvanizing voters in iowa right now, and "newsweek's" cover captures that." today a wave of more than 6,000 defense workers will make their way to new offices at the mark center in alexandria. it's a move giving state and local officials, as well as commuters, nightmares about potential gridlock on i-395 and seminary road. news 4's melissa mollet joins us live from the mark center with more on this big move. good morning, melissa. >> reporter: good morning to you, pat. they've been packing up for some time. now they will be moving in starting today. we have lots of workers who will be heading this way, perhaps with boxes full of office supplies, a very big day for these defense workers, who will soon be based out of the mark center because of the brac program. several hundred workers are scheduled to move in today. by mid-september, 2,300 will be herement here. by the end of the year, more than 6,000.
5:38 am
many are concerned the move will make an already congested area a traffic nightmare. many of the road projects will not be done for several years. that includes the $80 million ramp connecting 395 with the seminary road. because employees are moving in in stages, traffic tie-ups are not actually expected to start until mid-september, but many workers already planning ahead to avoid any problems. >> i'm going to watch it. i think it will be a gradual increase in traffic, and i'll try different ways to come in and just deal with it as it happens. >> reporter: that's a good outlook there. new bus routes to the mark center started yesterday. there's also a new task force that will be keeping an eye on traffic issues here. the task force made up of vdot workers and d.o.t. workers and pentagon officials. live in alexandria, melissa mollet, news 4. >> thanks, melissa. it is now 5:38, 74 degrees. coming up, a disturbing case of animal cruelty.
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what happened
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5:41 on this tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. around the region now, a pleasant start to this tuesday. we have a mostly clear sky over the metro area and points east. points west, it's beginning to cloud up. temperatures around much of the region are in the low 70s and upper 60s. over the last 12 hours, showers and storms just now coming into the mountains ahead of a cold front that will be sweeping through the region later this afternoon, likely giving us some showers and maybe some thunder as early as noontime and especially during the middle and latter part of the afternoon. before any storms arrive, it might climb into the low 90s briefly. any rain will quickly cool things down into the 70s. and overnight your evening planner will be into the 70s even without the rain by mid to late evening as we begin to clear out. lower humidity moving in tomorrow. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? let's start out in prince
5:43 am
george's county. i have an accident at oxon hill road at livingston road. fire department on the scene of this as well. we'll watch this for you and let you know if it's going to slow you down. a live look at 95, i am seeing volume heading out of dale city. that volume continues as you head north towards lorton. the lanes starting to get a little packed for you. a look at the rail. so far we do have a minor delay on the marc brunswick east, train number 890. your delay is six minutes. metro and vre both looking good. pat and eun, back to you. >> our time is 5:43. still to come the organized
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welcome back. 5:46 this morning. authorities in aruba looking for this woman, robyn gardner. the 35-year-old from frederick, maryland, disappeared while snorkeling. this morning circumstances behind her trip were adding speculation about what really happened. gardner told her boyfriend she was going on a family vacation, but it turns out she actually took a trip to aruba with another man. news 4's jackie bensen has more on her disappearance. >> i love her with all my heart. just want her back. >> reporter: richard forester says finding robyn gardner is his first priority. he learned only after the 35-year-old disappeared she didn't really go on a trip to florida with her family last week. instead she flew to aruba with 50-year-old gary giordano, the man now in custody after gardner's disappearance on a
5:48 am
snorkeling trip. forester grew suspicious after gardner stopped answering his texts and e-mails. >> it's another missing u.s. citizen in aruba and blond and beautiful. they said that they have her computer, her ipad, and i asked them a couple hours ago, when i was talking to them, have you gotten into it yet? and what they tell me is we're working on it. they told me they were sending their blackberry to the netherlands because they were more capable of getting into it there. they told me the fbi is involved and that interpol is involved. i said, well, you know what, i want that blackberry in the fbi's hands. >> reporter: jackie bensen, "news 4 today." >> gardner's mother is now in aruba and meeting with authorities. the natalee holloway resource center is also offering help. verizon is making strong accusations against some of its striking employees. hundreds of verizon workers joined a picket line in silver spring yesterday. they are at odds with the company over health insurance and pension plans. the striking workers are in the
5:49 am
company's land line division. verizon says some protesters are picketing illegally, blocking nonunion employees from accessing company facilities. police arrested six protesters in baltimore from blocking the driveway of a verizon building there. verizon also reported some of its fiber optic cables were deliberately slashed in bel air and other locations. a maryland doctor is behind bars this morning. she pled guilty to prescribing a cancer drug not allowed in the united states. prosecutors say oncologist isabella martire, who runs a practice in laurel, bought the drug from a wholesaler in england who exported it illegally. then she sought reimbursement from medicare, medicaid, and private insurance companies, saving millions of dollars by buying the illegal drug. police are trying to bust what they call an organized shoplifting ring. detectives say the four people in these surveillance pictures keep stealing from the safe way
5:50 am
on fiairwood parkway in bowie. so far police say they've grabbed several thousand dollars worth of tide laundry detergent and health care products from the store. if you can help identify those involved in the crime ring, please contact prince george's county police. police in manassas county are looking for the person who shot a cat with an arrow. a man came home from work and found his family pet with an arrow through its neck. it apparently came from a cross bow. a veterinarian got the arrow t out, and the cat is now recovering. d.c. councilwoman mary chay wants to open a new middle school in the palisades neighborhood and relieve some of the crowding at alice steele middle school. the school is at 95% capacity. it's the only school in the ward that's less than 100% full. more than 100 employers will
5:51 am
take part in congresswoman eleanor holmes norton's 14th annual job fair. the fair will take place in hall "c" at the washington convention center. starting at 9:30 this morning there will be workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills. and then at 11:00 the job fair starts. it will last until 3:00 this afternoon. help is here for those struggling to make a mortgage payment. if you have been laid off or you are in danger of losing your home, you may qualify for emergency mortgage assistance in maryland. it provides up to $50,000 or two years of payments for people in danger of foreclosure. dozens of people turned out in montgomery county last night to learn more about the program. lisa barnes says the program will save her house after she lost her six figure job last year. >> you know, it's happening to all of us. it happened to me. so it can happen to anybody. >> now, the emergency loan will have to be paid back after five
5:52 am
years, but no interest will be accrued. the program is available through federal funds. >> turning now to the weather. hopefully, a little humidity is out of here, tom, and we can breathe a little. >> indeed. it dropped a bit yesterday afternoon, and this morning it actually feels rather pleasplea. there's a little humidity in the air. you can see it now that we're approaching the first look at dawn. sunrise is getting later and later. it's not until 6:16. that's about 25 minutes away. here's a live picture from the city camera overlooking the potomac river. a little light haze and humidity as the first light is spreading across the region. the earth is rotating on its axis at 1,000 miles an hour. we're at 79 at reagan national. the dewpoint is at 69. that's rather humid. humidity at 62%. we've got a calm wind this morning. it's a peaceful, quiet summer morning all around the region. from the shenandoah valley west, quite a bit of cloudiness. 60s in western maryland and much
5:53 am
of west virginia. shenandoah valley near 70. panhandle of west virginia and much of washington county and frederick county near 70 and points east as well around 70. right on the warmer waters of the potomac, upper 70s. mid-70s near the warm waters of the bay as well. over the last 12 hours we've had showers and storms. this area of moving colors where we're getting rain now. that's now coming into far western maryland and into west virginia. few clusters of thunder and lightning where you see the pockets of orange. this is head of the cool front that will be sweeping in and bringing in much more pleasant weather arriving tomorrow and will be in place for the rest of the week. forred too, we'll be into that transition, and we'll have likely scattered storms around from as early as noontime for areas just to our west to much of the rest of the region into late afternoon or early evening. that's when we'll have showers and maybe heavy downpours and thunder and lightning whch. when it does rain hard, the temperatures will really cool down. here's your evening planner. even without the rain down into
5:54 am
the 70s mid to late evening. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be bottoming out upper 60s with lower humidity on wednesday, partly cloudy, high near 90. just a slight chance of a storm. thursday, friday, saturday, highs in the mid-80s with low humidity. morning lows in the 60s. just delightful. a little more humid on sunday. cloudy, chance of showers and storms. danella, how's traffic? let's start out with the rails. i still have a minor delay on the marc. brunswick east, train number 890, your delay is now seven minutes. metro and vre both looking good. also want to let you know driving around arlington, be on the lookout, eastbound clarendon boulevard as well as 16th road northbound lanes closed. still debris in the road due to the collapse of a construction site. your closures are between north pierce street and north oak street. and oxon hill road at livingston road, prince george's county, report of an accident there. be on the lookout. a live look 270 at falls road. traveling 270, first delays start as you pass route 80
5:55 am
heading south towards the weigh station. going to get a little bit of a break, and then as you continue south from falls road and make your way towards that spur, you're going to see your volume increase again. back in about ten minutes. back to you, pat and eun. >> thanks, danella. a heads up for drivers in prince george's county. maryland state police planning an hov crackdown in college park. tomorrow morning they'll be out there looking for violators along route 50. troopers will patrol the area from route 301 to the beltway, a seven-mile stretch. they say this is a response to a whole bunch of complaints they've been getting. just avoiding tickets won't be enough to get good driver discounts from state farm. the insurance company is offering to put device is in vehicles to see your behavior behind the wheel to monitor speed and braking patterns. drivers would initially get a 10% discount, and that could go up to 50% based on how they drive. the program costs $10 to join
5:56 am
and is free for six months after that. d.c.'s lottery truck is having a little bit of bad luck. the specially designed truck to sell lottery tickets here in the city turns out to be seven feet too long for some downtown locations. it's still making money. the truck is proving very popul popular. the d.c. lottery says it brought in just shy of $20,000 over a three-day period. the lottery board is trying to get a size limit exemption because the truck isn't selling food. >> and they're selling food. so they have to be in regulation. 18.5 feet is what they have to be. we are not doing that. >> the lottery truck will not parked outside nats stadium during the lunch hour on friday. the cheesecake factory is cutting the calories. startsing today the restaurant chain is offering a new menu called skinnyliciou is that includes 40 items for lower calorie appetizers, cocktails
5:57 am
and desserts. main courses will top out at 590 calories. cheesecake factory says it will take a few weeks for the restaurants to start incorporating all those new dishes. speaking of skinny, one way to drop a few pounds is to lace up your walking shoes. turns out washington is among the most walkable cities in america. the website created a list of the country's 50 most walkable cities. new york city came out on top followed by san francisco, boston, and chicago. d.c. ranked seventh with the help of neighborhoods like dupont circle, pan quarter, and chi chinatown. takoma park was the most walkable city in maryland. bailey's crossroads and arlington tied for the most walkable cities in the commonwealth. those who live in walkable cities tend to weigh seven pounds less than those who don't. >> everyone knows us for our traffic, and it's nice to be known as a walkable city. such a beautiful city, isn't it?
5:58 am
>> it's a beautiful city to walk. why you won't see much of .
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